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Legal Statement

By opening this website or any website directly linked from the website, you accept the following Terms and Conditions.


The website - hereinafter interpreted as the website including its subpages - all visual, textual and other contents on the website and its layout are subject to copyright in accordance with Act LXXVI. of 1999 on Copyright. The rights related to this may only be exercised by the person(s) authorized by All4buildings Kft..

All4buildings Kft. reserves every right related to the utilisation, copying, mirroring or distribution of the contents of the website for business purposes or as means for profit gain. It is prohibited to utilise, reproduce, transfer, distribute, modify or store parts or all of the website contents without All4buildings Kft.’s prior written permission. The pieces of information available on the website may be referenced with the indication of the source; the contents may be saved or printed for own use for information purposes; the contents may be transferred in the form of an URL (link) of the specific subpage.

No warranty and no liability

The data and information available on the website only serve the purposes of raising interest and providing information. All4buildings Kft. doesn’t assume liability for the eventual inaccuracy, error or modification of the information and data presented here. Please request direct information in any case before making a business decision in order to avoid the eventual misunderstandings.

The content of the website is to be interpreted according to the original formulation, without modification. It may happen that our website is changed irrespectively of All4buildings Kft.’s will and influence. Thus – if not prescribed differently by law – All4buildings Kft. doesn’t assume any liability for the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or content of the website presented before you with respect to the information, documentation or other written materials available on the website.

All4buildings Kft. reserves the right to modify or revise the website anytime, without prior notice and to restrict or terminate its availability. All4buildings Kft. doesn’t warrant that the access to the website will be continuous or flawless. All4buildings Kft. explicitly excludes the liability for the damages and/or loss resulting from the access or indirect or direct use of the website or the information, documentation or other written materials available on the website, or the damages and/or loss resulting from the unusable state or incorrect functioning, shortcoming, malfunction or ambiguity of the website.


All4buildings Kft. doesn’t assume liability for contents that were created, transferred, stored, disclosed or published by third parties, to which contents All4buildings Kft.’s website is connected or refers to.


Should you have any comments regarding our website, please contact us via e-mail at .

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